DMC SOFpaddle Features

DMC fins® SOFpaddle™ 

No longer will swimmers have to tolerate hard bladed training paddles with pinching straps or abrasive grips.

DMC fins® has created another unique swim training product – SOFpaddle™  - the training paddle made from super-soft SILFORM - the same soft n silky polymer used in the moulding of DMC’s swim fins range.

SOFpaddle™  will allow the swimmer to feel the water like never before, train their catch and get solid resistance in pull-sets across all strokes.

The soft silicone based material will make them easy to put on, easy to glide through your sets and even easier to remove.

DMC fins® SOFpaddle™ are designed to improve your shoulder strength whilst training your fingers to keep form – without any stress.

They will flex with your hand, decreasing the load on your arms, shoulder and neck muscles.

Train Smarter – Swim Longer with SOFpaddle™ 


Available in 5 sizes from XS to XL (check the size chart online at

DMC fins® SOFpaddle™ come in an array of colors to suit everyone.

DMC SOFpaddle 5 colors

 How To Use DMC SOFpaddles


Sofpaddles are designed to offer resistance, but also improve your stroke.

Unlike regular hard bladed paddles they need to be placed in slowly at the catch - precisely in the optimum position - otherwise beginning a chain reaction of poor form.

They need precise catch, pull and exit motions to become stable and build neuromuscular connections. It may feel odd at first and may require a complete stroke adjustment, but the results are awesome and will show in your swimming strokes after time.

DMC SOFpaddle Sizing Guide

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