ELITE MAX - Blue/Charcoal (pair)

ELITE MAX - Blue/Charcoal (pair)
ELITE MAX - Blue/Charcoal (pair)
ELITE MAX - Blue/Charcoal (pair)
2,914.00 ฿ THB


Once again DMC fins design department have created the most alluring and desirable swim training fins on the planet.

Builds Power - Reduces Fatigue - Increases Speed - Stabilizes Ankle Roll

This model is for the swimmer who insists on nothing but the best. These revolutionary fins are designed to give your swim stroke, leg strength and kick action, the best chance at developing potential.

The Technology

  • Designed with DMC's Patented Reverse V Rail (RVR) technology.
  • RVR is geared to offer correct torque for each kick stroke, creating balance for the user unlike any other swim fins.
  • The RVR streamlines vortexes more efficiently than any other design.
  • Moulded in DMC’s Silform silicone based material for maximum comfort all session.

The Benefits

  • Asymmetric design stabilizes ankle roll, increases speed and decreases fatigue
  • Features triple function drain chute: allows extra room for elongated toes 1 and 2; flushes out grit; and reduces vacuum on breakouts and flip turns.
  • Used by recreational swimmers through to international swimming superstars.
  • Great for pool or ocean swimming

    The ELITE MAX are the go-to swim training equipment for swimming superstars globally.

    Swim Coaches insist on Elite MAX Fins.

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