Bodysurf Man

Bodysurf Man is DMC's Bodysurfing Superhero comic strip creation. With the help of good mate Luke "Kung Fu Pencil" Swan - goofy surf stoked kid - Bruce "Bazza" McBarrel enjoys a journey that moulds him into a Wold Class Bodysurfer and from there the sky is the limit.

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Part 1

At the crack of dawn, 
Bruce McBarrel begins his typical morning ritual — kicking the dog from between his legs, scratching the sand from his eyes and checking  Coastalwatch for the latest surf report. 
With epic surf on the horizon, Bruce leaps onto his trusty cruiser and books it to the beach. A quick cuppa brown liquid heart-starter from his favorite bolt hole and he’s ready to go with a burst of bodysurfing energy. 
But something fishy may be afoot. 
With a buzz going like a kid full of red frogs, Bruce ignores the warning signs and heads straight out to where epic waves are on offer!

Part 2

As our hero Bruce McBarrel aka 'Bazza' slides into a sweet right hand tube, all of a sudden he feels a nasty jerk and finds himself tossed violently into the side of the reef that makes his favourite wave.
Bruce then has to decide how to get himself out of this predicament.
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Bodysurf Man!

BodySurf Man episode 2 1 BodySurf Man episode 2 2BodySurf Man episode 2 3 
BodySurf Man episode 2 4BodySurf Man episode 2 5BodySurf Man episode 2 6 BodySurf Man episode 2 7BodySurf Man episode 2 8 BodySurf Man episode 2 9 BodySurf Man episode 2 10
Part 3

After being trapped under the reef where he regularly gets his wave count daily, Bruce (our hero) McBarrel is faced with the grim reality of running out of air, but through some mystical power beyond belief he is telepathically contacted by an alien device that may have been hidden inside his very own cunjie covered heaven for tens, hundreds, maybe thousands of years..... Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Bodysurf Man!

Bodysurf Man Episode 3 1Bodysurf Man Episode 3 2 Bodysurf Man Episode 3 3
Bodysurf Man Episode 3 3Bodysurf Man Episode 3 5 Bodysurf Man Episode 3 6 Bodysurf Man Episode 3 7 Bodysurf Man Episode 3 8Bodysurf Man Episode 3 9 Bodysurf Man Episode 3 10
Part 4

After fending off the giant crab's attack with it's alien shield strength and using telepathic communications - the MiNi bORd convinces Bruce to slip his hand under it's strap and hang on for what is to become the ride of his life!

Bodysurf Man Part 4 1 Bodysurf Man Part 4 2 Bodysurf Man Part 4 3Bodysurf Man Part 4 4 Bodysurf Man Part 4 5 Bodysurf Man Part 4 6 Bodysurf Man Part 4 7 Bodysurf Man Part 4 8 Bodysurf Man Part 4 9 Bodysurf Man Part 4 10

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