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All feet are very different, so fitting a foot into a fixed shape foot cavity of moulded flexible material is an inexact science. Whilst our fins do not correlate directly to shoe sizes as the construction of fins and shoes are very different, we do suggest a close-to shoe size as a secondary size guide.

Please note that each of our fin models has its own mould, so sizes may vary between models. Original training fin, Elite II and Repellor fins are a universal foot, meaning you can wear either fin on either foot, also giving you a wider foot cavity. Our Elite and Elite MAX are specific left and right foot fit.

1: Check Length – Stand on a piece of paper toe to wall. Measure to the end of heel (in the arch) as this is where the strap sits - put a dot here. (Should be the length of your foot +/- 3-5mm)

2: Measure the distance between front and back dots. This should be the length of your foot.

TIP:    If you’re still not sure, then order 2 pairs, and return the pair that doesn’t fit, for a refund on the cost of the returned item. We not not pay or refund return shipping. Please refer our Returns & Refunds page.

FITTING YOUR FINS (once you receive them): 

DMC fins are made of a silicone-based material which offers maximum comfort, and like most polymers, care is required when putting the fin on without overstretching the strap.

Step 1: Push the fin as far onto the foot as possible before pulling the strap

Step 2: Lift the strap over the heel

Step 3: Adjust for comfort

How To Fit Your DMC Fins


Sit on a chair, extend your legs, and flex your ankle/foot out. This is your swimming position. They are not a shoe so standing in them will not test the correct size.


Our fins are made of a silicone-based material called SILFORM - which offer maximum comfort, and like most polymers, care is required not to expose them to any abrasive materials or sharp objects. 

Please refer to our model sizing charts below as a guide.

DMC fins Elite MAX size guide

 DMC fins Elite II sizing guide

DMC fins Elite size guide

DMC fins Repellor size guide


DMC SSH Sizing Guide 

How To Wear Your DMC SOFpaddles

DMC SOFpaddle Sizing Guide



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