DMC SOFpaddle Pink (pair)

DMC SOFpaddle Pink (pair)
DMC SOFpaddle Pink (pair)
DMC SOFpaddle Pink (pair)
DMC SOFpaddle Pink (pair)
DMC SOFpaddle Pink (pair)
DMC SOFpaddle Pink (pair)
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DMC fins® SOFpaddle™ 

No longer will swimmers have to tolerate hard bladed training paddles with pinching straps or abrasive grips.

DMC fins® has created another unique swim training product – SOFpaddle™  - the training paddle made from super-soft SILFORM - the same soft n silky polymer used in the moulding of DMC’s swim fins range.

SOFpaddle™  will allow the swimmer to feel the water like never before, train their catch and get solid resistance in pull-sets across all strokes.

The soft silicone based material will make them easy to put on, easy to glide through your sets and even easier to remove.

DMC fins® SOFpaddle™ are designed to improve your shoulder strength whilst training your fingers to keep form – without any stress.

They will flex with your hand, decreasing the load on your arms, shoulder and neck muscles.

Train Smarter – Swim Longer with SOFpaddle™ 

How To Use DMC SOFpaddles


The DMC SOFpaddle™ is not similar to any other swim training paddle used before.

The purpose of the design of this soft material training paddle is for the swimmer to engage their neurological muscle memory in their catch and stroke by feeling the water which cannot be done if the paddle is fixed statically onto the hand by means of tight straps.

The secondary design feature for increasing the swimmers' skillset is for their form not to waver during the end of the pull stroke where by the DMC SOFpaddle™ will alert them to their lack of form by itself catching turbulence and flapping at their palm heel.

For many swimmers who have tested and remained using DMC SOFpaddle™ for several weeks, they begin to change their style and engage neuromuscular memory for which they cannot return to their previous hard bladed and tight strapped devices.

If the swimmer is feeling like the DMC SOFpaddle™ is slipping, they should simply adjust their stroke at the apex of the ‘pull’ to engage a flatter angle and exit without any turbulence interruption at the heel of the palm.

DMC SOFpaddle™ is a very new product and even newer concept which has had many elite swim athletes and even coaches unaware of correct positioning of the catch and pull to achieve the optimum result - which is also not to strengthen the shoulders nor of course put any extraneous resistance at either shoulder point, but to train the swimmer’s catch and pull muscle memory as the primary goal.

We suggest starting with only 10% of your swim session using DMC SOFpaddle™ a few times a week for several weeks before increasing the use up to 50% plus.

To start - try same simple sculling to begin with. Try all strokes and especially breaststroke – and concentrate on the feeling of the turbulence when your palm is at the optimum ‘pull’ position.

Refer the video above for technique.


Available in 5 sizes from XS to XL - A snug fit works best

DMC fins® SOFpaddle™ come in an array of colors to suit everyone.


Design Protection Pending

DMC SOFpaddle Sizing Guide


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